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We are positioned in the south of The Netherlands. With over 30 years of experience in the Land Rover world, we are known today as the best chassis replacement specialist. All of our Land Rover chassis are manufactured in the UK, ensuring that all our chassis are built using British steel. After manufactured our chassis are with care transported to The Netherlands, so it is easy for us to deliver to our neighboring countries throughout Europe.

Land Rover buiten in het bos geparkeerd
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We do not stop until you have the car you’ve always dreamt of!

Our aim is to help customers realizing and building their dream Land Rover car. We give our customers a strong foundation for their Land Rover project, by providing a strong, sustainable and customizable chassis. From Series 1 to the latest classic Defender. Our customers, positioned throughout Europe, are individuals (B2C) as well as business (B2B) customers. Our chassis are TUV and European approved, so that the chassis change can be easily controlled with the RWD, and therefor prevents many problems for our customers.

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1What means galvanized?

The use of steel in general has many advantages. Steel is known for its strength. However, steel also has drawbacks. Steel, for example, can rust over time. To counteract this, the steel can be galvanized. It is provided with a thin layer of zinc by means of a chemical process. This protective layer ensures that the steel rusts less quickly, so that the material lasts longer. In addition, the zinc coating makes it less likely to scratch the surface, which means that many people find galvanized more attractive than non-galvanized variants.

2How does the proces of galvanizing works?

When steel is brought into contact with molten zinc, a chemical reaction occurs, causing the zinc to adhere to the steel surface. Over the years, various ways have been developed to initiate this galvanizing process. The technique most commonly used for this is hot-dip galvanizing. The steel is immersed in molten zinc at a temperature of about 460 degrees Celsius, whereby the aforementioned chemical reaction takes place and the protective zinc layer adheres to the steel surface.

Other common techniques for galvanizing steel are:

  • Electrolytic galvanizing: the steel is placed in a zinc solution, after which an electric current is passed through it. This creates a relatively thin, but very strong and even galvanizing layer.
  • Mechanical plating: here the steel is stirred together in a drum together with zinc powder and a special galvanizing agent. Because the different materials touch each other, a thin layer will be formed on the steel.
  • Schoperen: Zinc is passed through a spray gun, in which it is liquefied. The liquid zinc can then be applied to the steel with the spray gun, provided it has been thoroughly cleaned beforehand.
  • Diffusion galvanizing: the steel is heated together with a zinc powder to about 400 degrees Celsius. Due to the diffusion path that is set in motion between the zinc and the steel, an even layer of zinc is applied to the steel.
3Can I paint a galvanized chassis?

Yes, you can paint a chassis, but it does take some work. It is also possible to have a galvanized chassis powder coated. New galvanized steel should not be immediately covered with paint, but should first be allowed to harden. Paint on galvanized steel also does not adhere. So it must be pre-treated. Our advice? Have your chassis powder coated by a professional. We help you with this. Please contact us for appropriate advice.

4Can anyone change a chassis of a Land Rover?

If you have the space, tools and knowledge to do this, it is certainly possible to replace the chassis yourself. When replacing the chassis, you regularly come across other work that needs to be replaced. At the start of your project, map out how far you want to go and what you might be able to pick up later. In addition, the necessary knowledge is useful. Are you able to, for example, move brake lines and cables? This is necessary when you want to replace a chassis. We recommend having the chassis replaced by a professional.

5What do I need in order to change the chassis of a Land Rover?

When you want to replace a chassis, you need space, time and knowledge. If you want to replace the chassis yourself, you need space for at least two cars. This space must be available full-time for a longer period of time.

Have you been to the RDW before? The RDW registers your chassis in advance, takes photos and records important elements. When you have converted the car, go back with the piece of chassis that contains your number. You grind this out of the old chassis. The RDW takes this in and approves the new car when it meets the standards.

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